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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Airset now integrate Skype functionnality

The official announcement

-- Easier Conference Calls: AirSet organizes your life into the groups
you interact with most frequently -- family, friends, work colleagues and
social groups. Now you can select a few members from any AirSet group and
schedule a conference call through Skype with one click.
-- Quickly See Online Status of Group Members: The Skype online status
icon appears next to each AirSet group members' name so you can quickly see
who's available in each of your groups for a telephone call or IM chat.
-- Chat with Group Members: You can also select one or more members from
the group list and initiate a chat using the Skype Instant Messaging feature.

AirSet's Skype integration is currently available for Microsoft Windows XP
and Windows 2000 operating systems using Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and
Firefox 1.0 or later. Support for the Apple Macintosh OSX operating system
using Firefox 1.0 or later will be available soon.

The Airset Website :

Monday, November 14, 2005

The 40 faces project

Philipp Lenssen have presented an original project today. The idea behind "40 faces" is to put 40 photos of bloggers on one page. When a blogger post a new thing on his blog his face is show up in front of the page. Right now, 130 bloggers are in the list and there is good references inside.

It's pretty funny. Keep the good work Philipp.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Web 2 French Blog

I've just wanted to introduce my second blog to you. It's about "web 2" and it's all in french. I hope this blog can help french speaking people to discover web 2 stuff and to ask themselves the right questions.

The title for my blog is : Webdeux : La révolution d'un web en live !

Literraly it means : WebTwo : The web revolution in live !...

If you speak french you can read me here :