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Thursday, March 31, 2005

GMail with 2Gb and WYSIWYG Editor

As I had predicted a week ago (to my closest partners) my Gmail account is growing at this moment.

In fact, Google announced today that it has plans to go to 2Gb, and for the anniversary of Gmail Beta Service, it seems that the gift from google is not a release (like a lot of a google addicts think) but an increase in the storage space in response to Yahoo's recent announce to move to 1Gb.

And now, you can also send mail with rich text formatting options.

Thank You Google and Happy birthday GMail !

PS : My account has grown up from 10Mb when I started writing this article to 1058mb... ;)
PS2 : For those who don't have an account, i can invite you (more than 100 invites left). Just mail me or leave me a comment.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Web Project Management

You want to manage your project with a blog, to-do lists, milestones in a simple way ?

Try Basecamp !

You can try the full features (ftp files upload, several project management,...) for free. And you have a free light release forever.

More importantly, you can manage all that with RSS feeds and your favorite RSS Reader.
From my point of view it's a really simple platform which can help internal project communication and synchronization.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Skype 1.2 is out !

Today Skype released a new version of its famous software.

In this new version, your contact list is stored on a distant server (like MSN and ICQ), you don't need to backup your "friends contact" anymore.

Some improvements in the sound quality were done.

Download and upgrade your version.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Skype Revolution !

This day Skype proposed two new features (in Beta) : SkypeIN and SkypeVoicemail.

SkypeIN allows you to buy a PSTN Number in France, United States, Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom (for the moment). For 30euros a year, you can have a number like this 0870 XXXXXX (in france) and PSTN user can call you directly into your Skype software.

SkypeVoicemail allows you transfer your call to your voicemail when you're not ready to answer. This function cost 15euros a year and it's included in the SkypeIN subscription.

Now you can leave me an audio message 24h a day. My nickname : jeff26.
Enjoy the Skype Revolution...

Monday, March 07, 2005

Google Desktop Search

You want the Google Research Power to find everything in your computer ?

Try the Google Desktop Search :

The First release (today) now support Firefox, PDF / Music / Images / Video files.

A must for finding everything in a couple of seconds.

Enjoy !

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Google ToolBar 3 Beta

In my point of view it's the more powerfull webbrowser toolbar !

In this toolbar, you can find this new things :
  • A SpellChecker : for your webforms
  • A WorldTranslator : English -> Many Languages
  • Autolink : Change an adress in a link to a map
The WorldTranslator is a crazy tool. You just have to point a word on a webpage and the magic happens, you can view the translation in the desire language in a little box.

A really needed tool...