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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Google - My Search History

Today Google unveils a new tools from its Google Labs : My Search History.

This new service stores your searches online with different statistics and allows you to encounter all the results you've found relevant for your search. You won't forget any page you see.

For using this service, you need a google account (Gmail, Froogle, Google Groups...) and that's all. The next time you enter, you will find at the top the "My Search History" link.

Apparently the service will also adapt itself to provide you the links in the manner you think they are relevant. It's some kind of search personnalization.

I'm really waiting for a big integration of all the google services in the GBrowser...

Stay connected.

SkypeIN Official Beta Launch

Skype has announced the official launch of the SkypeIN service.

And at the same time, they have counted more than 100 000 000 downloads.
Now with SkypeIN you could buy a "real PSTN number" in Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, the United Kingdom and in the United States.

You can also receive 10 minutes of voicemails.

Skype seems to follow it's exponential growth. I can't wait for their video plugin...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Gmail Web Clips - RSS in your Gmail

Today, Even Williams unveils a new Gmail Feature called Web Clips.

We can hope that in a moment we can read our favorite feed within our Gmail account. Google seems to be a little late concerning RSS management. But this addition is pretty smart because they alternate between RSS feeds content and Adwords/Adsense content.

I think that the upcoming Gbrowser will be a killer app with everything we needs to manage RSS feeds and more.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

GMail in your langage

Did you know that your favorite mail tools can be used in your langage ?

It's really useful for those who don't understand English...

To change the language, you just need to go to your settings and change the language to your preference. Et voila !

At this time, google gmail could be used in all most spoken langage :
  • chinese
  • japanese
  • english (uk)
  • french (just added)
  • italian
  • spanish
  • portuguese
  • netherlands...
You can now enjoy Gmail in your langage.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Google Local Services and Maps

A few days ago, google unveiled an upgrade in its maps service.

Google Map now includes satellite view. I personally enjoy that the satellite view covers also Tijuana. The photos are about 2 years old but it's really helpfull to find anything.

Today Google unveiled a new feature for mobile phone. Google Mobile local allows you to locate a local business within your area and also the directions to reach them. Surely you can locate a map with the 10 local business results to help you find your needs. You can also find directions on the SMS Google Service.

But all these features are only for the lucky fews from the united states. I think that local services will be developed for foreign country in a while. I know that in France google buy domains names for that type of services.

Wait and see...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Manage your news subscriptions

Have you heard about RSS feeds ?

It's for Really Simple Syndication. With this technology you can manage easily your favorite information sources (if they provide a RSS feed).

I have tested some RSS agregator and finally choose Bloglines.

I really appreciate the service and their notificator program that reminds you in your desktop when new things happen. The easy bookmarklet link is also a great thing to subscribe, in just a few seconds, when you encounter a page of interest that provides a feed.

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